Dinner in Nakameguro

" Okonomiyaki"" restrant in Nakameguro!

Name is "rock???" i guess..

so it was delisious. Let me explain what is okonomiyaki!

It's kind of pancake. but not sweet. vegitable meet. seafood. lots of things in it.

If you like japanese foods, you might know this.

Take a look at some my cooking photos;)



I tryed to get how i good to make, but......

You could guess;)


He proud of me (i made such a lovery okonomiyaki for them)


Finally We got a "Monjya" that is kind of okonomiyaki but Tokyo okonomiyaki.

unnnnn. different for me though.

I love this!!

If you stay in tokyo around, you can go to Tsukishima for Okonomiyaki one day♡

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Are you ready??

What is most speciality Presents in Japan. or made in Japan.

For Wedding. For A Chrismas.

We have a confidence of our products in Japan.

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I will show you one of recommends.


Traditional Candles from Kyoto (Warosoku)

The procedure begins by hand wrapping a thin bamboo stick with Japanese paper (washi) and then Igusa (dried rush leaves) – both act as the core of the candle. The core is then covered by melted wax layer by layer from the locally grown Hazenoki tree (Sumac or wax tree) giving the candle a distinctive natural off-white color. Once complete, the surface of the candle is smoothed, the bamboo core removed, and the wick is cut to an appropriate length.

Elegantly burns for about 2 hours

If you are interested of this. go to this site UJ

You could get to find your favorite;)

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