Japanese Gift for Christmas??

Christmas is getting cross. and the town everywhere will be more lighting★

Here i will show you one of nice Handmade Decorative Bamboo Uchiwa Fan.


Let's visit UJ for finding your specific presents.

Rich history
In the very beginning, Uchiwa fans were sacred tools used in Buddhist ceremonies and rituals. These first designs were not rounded as they are today, rather more like rectangles mounted on a stick. The Japanese imperial family and other similar class families used Uchiwa fans to block the sun and discreetly hide their faces from the public on the small number of occasions when they travelled beyond the palace gates.

Uchiwa was and is still used to keep cool during the hot Japanese summer months and serve as a handy guard against pesky insects. In the Edo period (1603-1867) an extremely large Uchiwa with a long handle was implemented by firemen to combat house fires.

Crafted with pride in Japan.

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